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The Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development, Sarawak (MIED) is inviting interested Sarawakians to submit an application to study in Fujian Province, China for 1 year through the “2018 Fujian Provincial People’s Government Scholarship Program for Foreign Students in Fujian”.

2.       This Scholarship Programme started in 2013 and has been offered by the Foreign Affairs Office of Fujian Provincial People’s Government (Fujian FAO) and Fujian Provincial Department of Education (Fujian DOE) to foreign students to foster closer friendly exchanges between Fujian and other countries around the world and deeper understanding about the province.  The scholarship is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Sarawak, Malaysia and Fujian Province, China on mutual collaborations, particularly in expanding cultural and educational exchanges whereby Sarawak students can attend Chinese language courses in Fujian Province, i.e. through the 2018 Scholarship Program.

3.       The Program is open to students from Fujian’s sister provinces or states (including Sarawak) to study in institutions of higher education of the province. The Program for 2018 will start in September 2018 and will last till July 2019.  The Fujian Provincial People’s Government Scholarship will cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, comprehensive medical insurance, and allowances (RMB 800 per month, for 11 months). Expenditure on flight tickets, meals and utility bills are excluded and should be borne by the student.

4.       Qualified candidates from your institution who fulfil the following criteria are invited to apply to the Ministry by submitting the completed attached application form:

  • Recommended by governments of Fujian’s sister provinces or states;
  • Basic Chinese- or English-speaking skills;
  • Junior college degree or above;
  • Less than 45 years old.

5.       The closing date to submit to this Ministry for endorsement is 31 March 2018.  Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.

You can download the application form here, and the guidelines here.